"Where do I start? There are so many amazing things to say about my beautiful experience. I attended a 4 day yin/ forest bathing retreat and had the most unbelievable experience. Courtney was so open and warm. You can tell she truly cares about what she teaches and cares about people. She never hesitated to explain things further and she was so completely open to any questions or discussions. She has an incredible amount of knowledge (but not cocky about it) and I could have stayed many more days to pick her brain. I will definitely be attending many more retreats with Courtney!!!"

—  Brandi Leslie

"Courtney is not just a yoga instructor but a friend, fitness coach and brilliant business woman. She is always prompt, motivated and pushes me to be my absolute best. I can’t begin to describe how valuable a private session is and am so thankful to have advanced my practice so quickly. She is dedicated to not only providing a safe, fun and challenging practice but also tailoring it to the goals and lifestyle of her students. I’m blessed to be able to know and practice with Courtney and would recommend her to anyone I know! Cour yoga is a must in my workout and fitness routine and the peace, focus and strength we build in weekly sessions is irreplaceable! Thank you, Courtney!"

—  Jonathan


"I’ve taken a hot class and a meditation class with Courtney and she’s as adept at coaching you up as she is calming you down. She’s extremely knowledgeable in all things yoga and she weaves in terms and explanations while she’s leading class and I love that because I like to know the “why” behind things. She also is incredibly strong, fit, and skillful in her posing…it’s amazing just to see her in action."

—  Clay Johnson

"Vinyasa and Hiking retreat with Courtney was amazing! My ❤️ For Yoga grew tremendously with the guidance and knowledge that Courtney had to give and share. By far one of the kindest souls I have encountered! ✌🏼💜🧘🏻‍♀️"

—  Melissa Harlan

"Courtney led me in a private yoga session and it was absolutely incredible she talked me through postures and questions I had about certain postures. Her flow was challenging yet so much fun! She’s very smart and knowledgeable, you can tell she does lots of research and her instruction was perfect to que me on my alignment. Her style is modern and focused on anatomy and alignment as well as the strength and mobility within that. I am a professional dancer and I found that her style was perfect for dance conditioning and strengthing, she did several mobility moves that I have not seen many instructors do. She is a positive spirit and such a joy to be around, I highly recommend her especially for private sessions and her yoga retreats! She has a healing spirit and I can’t wait to do another private lesson with her!"

— Jessica Bostany

"Courntey teaches with such passion and knowledge. She extends deep love & respect for each individual & their personal journey. She seeks to enhance each experience and as a result, your life feels better off for having been around her. She is a special soul. ♥️"

— Krista Natiello

"Courtney is a patient, knowledgeable and attentive teacher. Helping you find your best way to flow through each practice. Making you feel comfortable to trust and try because the environment she creates is one of no judgement and I appreciate that. I recommend dearly, if you've wanted to learn yoga or need help continuing your practice, Courtney is a great teacher to help guide you on your journey. I know I have personally improved mentally and physically since I've been working with her. I didn’t know anything about Yoga going into it but Courtney was such a caring and patient teacher. I appreciated the calming energy that gave me room to learn and understand at my own pace."

— Whitney Washington

"Doing yoga with Courtney is a life changing experience. I was dealing with so much stress at work and she was able to guide me on a journey to relaxation! This customer rated you highly for professionalism, work quality, responsiveness, and value."

— Taylor Card

"Courtney is a wonderful calming presence. He knowledge of yoga is exceptional. She takes care to craft flows that bring you from one position to the next with ease. LOVE HER!!!!"

— Barbara Greene

"I attended the Earth, Fire, Water Yoga Retreat in North Carolina and it was definitely reviving! I have been in and out of my yoga practice for the past 2 years and this retreat sparked me on so many levels -- not only yoga. Our host, Courtney, was one of the most knowledgeable yoga instructors I've come across in my journey of practicing yoga. If you're new to yoga or been doing yoga for a while now -- you will find that this retreat has so much to offer. She has such a vast array of information to share. She explains why we do certain breathing techniques and poses, which I personally find great -- since I love to know the reason behind what I'm doing. The actually retreat itself was amazing from the new connections that were made whether it be during our morning conversations over breakfast and coffee or day trips hiking to the beautiful Catawba Falls and Mt. Mitchell. If you're looking for a yoga retreat -- I highly recommend Full Exhale Retreats to all levels. I look forward to attending another Full Exhale retreat in the near future!"

— Chester Canlas

""Wonderful time in the mountains enjoying yoga! Thank you Courtney for your amazing presence and knowledge."

— Chase King Davenport

Courtney is an amazing yoga instructor for all levels. Her knowledge of Yoga practices is all encompassing and she is passionate about helping others grow in their own Yoga practice. She has a calming voice that entrances you immediately and helps you transition into a state of relaxation. She is the best in my book and I HIGHLY recommend her for all levels or anyone who is interested in learning more about all facets of the Yoga practice. Overall a wonderful life changing experience! 

— Kimberly Jackson

"It was such a pleasure to attend my very first yoga retreat with Full Exhale in July! Beautiful Western North Carolina was the perfect backdrop for a long weekend of yoga, hiking, waterfall chasing, and learning. Courtney is a wonderful teacher and host, she created a welcoming and warm atmosphere both on and off the mat. She teaches a wide range of styles that make yoga inclusive and accessible for beginners and long time practitioners alike. I highly recommend attending one of Full Exhales retreats to anyone who desires to begin or delve deeper into their yoga journey! Thank you for a truly expansive and rejuvenating experience, just what I needed!"

— Elizabeth Shirley

"Courtney is an AWESOME yoga instructor. I have learned more in 3 sessions with her than I did in all of my prior experience with yoga over the past 10 years. She has a of individualizing the session, helping you get the most out of the postures and flow, so that you reap the full benefit of healing and renewing powers of yoga. What I've learned through her in such a short time truly enhanced by personal practice. Thank you Courtney!"

— Angela Brock