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What is Restorative yoga?

Restorative Yoga is arguably the most accessible Asana (physical posture) practice. Bolsters, pillows and props allow for deep relaxation and long holds. Some people get this confused with Yin yoga, however, if you've ever taken a real Yin class, you'll see these are two very different animals.

The Practice of Restorative Yoga:

Restorative postures last 5-10 minutes, allowing you some time to "get lost" and relax into the shape. The postures themselves are accompanied by props such as bolsters, blocks, pillows and blankets to ensure that your physical body able to completely relax and sink-in. Most practices include supported child's pose, supported twists, supported butterfly, supported legs up the wall and, of course, an extended Savasana.


Restorative is, well, restorative and ultimately one of the least intense forms of yoga. Restorative yoga is what you need when you are experiencing burn-out at work, going through some emotional turmoil or simply need an hour of self-love and relaxation. Unlike yin, there is no mental difficulty spurned by the physical body, in fact, the goal is to let your stress and your body melt away into full relaxation so that when the practice is over you feel restored.

Breath Work:

There is no specific breath work for Restorative yoga, you simply allow your breath to naturally soften and slow as you relax.


60 - 90 minutes


There are many benefits to yoga, to keep it simple, here is a brief overview specifically for Restorative Yoga:

Significantly reduces stress and stress hormones, such as cortisol, within the body

Fosters self-love

Allows you to reset the mind and body to avoid burn-outs or melt-downs

Increases flexibility through the gentle, long-held shapes

Providing time to quiet the mind and gain self-awareness

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